Storm Regen: Mobile Stormwater Management 

Environmental Business Solutions Inc (EBS) has been providing Stormwater Services to commercial facilities throughout Oregon and Washington for the last 15 years. At the heart of the company is an emphasis on professionalism, reliability and the ability to expertly manage the collection, treatment, disposal, and recycling of Stormwater run-off. Our customers have the confidence of knowing they are receiving superior service delivered by fully certified, licensed and bonded Stormwater run-off specialists.

Whatever the project — from Industrial Wastewater Treatment to Annual Maintenance Programs; from Catch Basin Repairs to Industrial Vacuum Truck Services; EBS provides a full array of products and services for the treatment of Stormwater Run-off. Most recently introduced is our exclusive EBS Storm Regen® Technology utilizing the latest advancements in sustainable practices to resolve, reduce and/or reclaim wastewater and to expertly manage the collection, treatment, disposal, and recycling of Stormwater run-off.

If you are currently generating a waste stream, or have questions about a future application, please call us. You can learn more about this Eco-friendly technology by visiting our Storm Regen Page. We are happy to provide a free treat-ability analysis to help determine your best Stormwater management solution.
Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) remove pollutants and reduce the rate and volume of runoff generated from your facility. Stormwater runoff picks up pollutants along the way and this runoff is swiftly carried to our local streams, lakes, wetlands and rivers and can cause flooding and erosion. To protect our water the EPA expanded the Clean Water Act in 1987 requiring permits for discharges of stormwater runoff.
BMPs are measures or controls that reduce pollutants at the source to prevent the pollution of stormwater runoff discharged from a site. These practices can also be used to divert runoff away from areas of exposure to pollutants, or to treat stormwater runoff before discharge to receiving waters. BMPs are designed to address the quality of a site’s practices with respect to stormwater leaving the site, and to meet environmental water quality standards or benchmarks.
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 If you are unsure what you might need or what documentation is required EBS can help you meet environmental regulations, licensing requirements and discharge permits for storm water discharges to surface waters required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). For a free consultation call or submit a service request.
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