Catch Basin Solutions 
Our experience coupled with our versatility and depth of bench makes EBS the clear leader in StormWater application maintenance.
  • Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Catch Basins & Filters
  • Steel Gratings
  • Replacement Parts and Supplies
  • Absorbents & Liners
  • Screening
  • Line Jetting
  • Sediment Removal

Catch Basin Solutions Explained 

 Catch Basins /Storm Drains
 –Catch basins can be cleaned manually or with specially designed equipment including tools and vehicles with vacuum pumps to remove pollutants and sediment removal. High-pressured water loosens compacted material and vacuums remove solids and liquids. It is important that those who engage in maintaining catch basins are properly trained in doing so to avoid injury and prevent hazardous spills  The upkeep of the catch basin can help optimize its effectiveness.
Catch Basin Inserts
 – These are available in both fabric and metal products. Phase II of EPA's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requires all but the smallest municipal and industrial storm sewer systems to treat storm water discharge to the "maximum extent practicable".Storm drain inserts remove oil, chemicals, debris, and sediment Designed to increase catch basin efficiency. Some inserts are drop directly into the existing basins, and others may require retrofit construction.
Preventative Maintenance Programs 
– EBS can help you evaluate and develop an on-going program to clean catch basins and other stormwater structures that accumulate sediment at least once or twice a year. 
It is recommended that cleaning be done before basins are 30% full of sediment to maintain the sump capacity. Structures that accumulate more debris may need more frequent cleaning. This scheduled maintenance program reduces street flooding, minimizes nuisance odors and prevents pollution of our waterways.  Find out more about our annual programs here.
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