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11954 N.E. Glisan St  #241  
Portland, Or 97220
WA. UBI: 602228425 - OR. CCB: 195545
Thank you for making my life a little bit simpler. You are one of the few contractors that I work with that I have to spend little time with and not have to worry about. Working with Artiese is great.
See you in a year."
Gabe B.
Lewis & Clark College, 
Facilities Maintenance Director
 Thanks to you and Arteise for the work you put in on this project. PGE appreciates the work EBS does for us and this one was a bit of a challenge for all. Thank you for all the service you provide us."
Bob M
Facilities Manager
"Good Morning Arteise!
... Thank you again for your excellent and personable service, it's because of people like you, that we keep coming back to your company, please let your supervisor know this.  Have a good day."
Tec Laboratories, Inc. 
Quality Assurance
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